Friday, October 17, 2008

On Cars and Fall Break

Normally, I don't stress so much about the car being in the shop. I don't know enough about cars, so I usually take them in and say "can you fix it?" Sam, however stresses a LOT about cars. See his blog about that here. Today, as I was on my way home from school, (We are now on Fall Break!!!) I was talking to Sam and he was explaining that even though the car has been in the shop twice in the past two weeks, there is a belt that is making a terrible sound and will probably break soon if it doesn't get fixed. 
First, it's time to change mechanics because they are obviously NOT fixing our car, and second, we are supposed to be going to D.C. to meet up with my parents then to Delaware to see extended family. Can I just tell you how ticked off I was this afternoon! 
Good news is, Sam is currently changing the belt on my car. (Again, I don't really know what this "belt" does, but I know the package said it was a serpentine belt and I acted like I was going to be helping Sam work on the car in front of the guy at the auto parts store.) I also know that it is really important and now I know that it is a little tricky to take off and replace. I am so thankful for our neighbor that had the tool Sam needed to work on the car (he had every tool but the one he needed) and I'm thankful that he is helping Sam, because I look really cute standing over the car, holding the flashlight and reading the book to Sam, but that's about all I'm good for. Plus it's getting chilly outside. 
The other good news is, we are going to leave tomorrow morning (which works out, since I hadn't even started packing!) Our travel plans got a little rearranged, but I think it will work out and we'll get to see a lot of family and I'll actually get to take a vacation for Fall Break!
God is good!


partyoffivetn said...

yeah! I am so glad that you two get to go to D.C....I will miss you though...come back soon so we can rock out to HSM3!!

Hilah said...

Sorry y'all had trouble. Be careful and have a good trip!