Saturday, January 31, 2009

Random Things

I've been putting off doing this for a while, because I wasn't sure if I could come up with enough, but here are random facts about me:

1. I was born in Delaware.
2. I claim I'm from Colorado, because it sounds a lot cooler than Delaware.
3. When I go to the bathroom at a restaurant, or other public place, and I have to go more than once (which is usually the case) I have to use the same stall I did the first time.
4. I always get gas from the Pilot station in front of the Starbucks I work at, and I always use pump 11.
5. I also know it is exactly 5.5 miles from pump 11 to my parking space in front of my townhouse.
6. I hate the sound of windshield wipers on the windshield when there is no rain.
7. I hate when people play with their gum.
8. I am constantly paranoid that my zipper is down on my pants.
9. I have seen the other side of the Atlantic Ocean (from the Cliffs of Moore, BEAUTIFUL!)
10. I have to flip through all of my presets on my radio in my car before deciding on a song.
11. My favorite snack is chips and salsa-and has been since High School.
12. I have been to 3 other countries besides the United States.
13. It takes a lot to make me mad, but when I get to that point, I can be really ugly.
14. I am Irish/Italian. (which may explain the above) 
15. I used to play the piano, flute and french horn. None of which I continue to play, and regret that I never kept up with any of them.
16. I love photography, and I learned how to develop my own black and white pictures when I was a senior in High School.
17. I have never broken a bone.
18. I had a sewing machine needle go through my index finger in 5th grade.
19. I prefer to drink water out of a plastic cup than a glass, unless I have a straw.
20. I rode the public bus to school in 5th and 6th grade.
21. I like decorative clocks.
22. My favorite flower is a gerber daisy.
23. Science was not my favorite subject in school, but I love teaching it to my 3rd graders!
24. I want to have 4 kids.
25. I love wearing scarves. 

Friday, January 9, 2009


Tuesday started another week (well, 6 days) of class for me. I only have one graduate class after this! I have learned a lot the past 4 days, more than I thought I would, if I can be honest here. What an enormous responsibility teaching is. I have known this, but the past couple days have really put that into perspective for me. Next Wednesday I will be returning to my base placement (3rd grade, in a public school). This is where the first 3 month of my internship were spent. Those kids have been heavy on my heart this week, especially the "tough" ones. I think about the things I have tried that have worked, and not worked, and how I can change myself to meet their needs. I think I have almost cried everyday. I am so blessed to be in this profession, and I don't think I will ever know to what extent. 
Kids are my passion. I love to see them light up when they finally understand. I love to hear their answers to questions that I had never thought of before. I love their questions. It is so fun for me to watch them interact and work things through. 
We read the book Molder of Dreams by Guy Doud-if you haven't read this, pick up a copy-it's an easy/quick read. He talks a lot about the people in our lives that mold who we are, and as the 1986 National Teacher of the Year, how he has been able to influence the lives of others. AMAZING! He states in the epilogue "You just never know who's life you will touch." (I think that is quoted correctly) His book also helps you to think about the every day people you come into contact with. I have not had a book make me think so much in a while.
As I ponder the things I have learned over the past few days, I am overwhelmed at the great responsibility I have to my students. I am also full of excitement as I continue my journey as a teacher.