Sunday, October 12, 2008

Carving Pumpkins

Sam and I, along with our friends, Sarah and Elliott carved pumpkins today!!! Sarah had never carved a pumpkin before and we thought we should be there for this new experience...The following are our creations:

Elliott helps Sarah start her pumpkin

Elliott, Sarah and Sam, working hard

I was busy taking pictures, 
so it was dark by the time I got finished

Sam's is the one with the moon, mine is the face

Sarah's 1st Pumpkin!!!

Elliott's Creation...yes it's from the Nightmare 
Before Christmas, did I mention Elliott is a 
very talented artist?


Money Talks said...

great photos

Hilah said...

Wow! Y'all did really good! Of course, Elliott had to show everyone up, right? He is amazing! I am very impressed with all of your abilities though!!!!

Hilah said...

Oh...and what a great way to reward myself after finishing my homework...looking at your pumpkins :)

Krisha said...

Sam told me they were amazing! I love pumkin' season.
And I miss you.

partyoffivetn said...

I really like your pumpkin :) But missed having dinner with yo Sunday night!!