Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas in Colorado

I haven't been home to Colorado for Christmas in 2 years! It was great to be back again with my family and real snow. I also got the best Christmas present of all...I got to meet my niece, Isabella! She is 6 months old, and tons of fun! We enjoyed playing with her on her blanket, and chillin. She is a very happy, beautiful little girl!

We actually remembered to take our camera this time, so allow me to share the pictures of Christmas, 2009:

See how fun she is?!?!?

Snow in the backyard

Mom using the snowblower, or her winter toy!

Dad frying the turkey!!!

We just love her!

Merry Christmas from the family!

And once more, because you can't get enough of this girl!


SmallWorld at Home said...

She is a doll baby! And maybe you can give Randy a lesson on how to deep fry a turkey. We have one of those but have never used it for a turkey...

Gina said...

Oh, it's SO good and pretty easy!

partyoffivetn said...

what a cutie! love the pictures of Isabella!

3verything 3mily said...

how fun! Glad you guys made it back! Miss you!