Tuesday, December 30, 2008

No Pictures of Christmas

As Sam and I loaded up the car with Christmas presents and luggage for WV, and getting all those last minute things, we decided to pass on the camera, as I could not find my "point and shoot" and Sam did not want to bother with his AMAZING cannon rebel. This was a choice I regretted as soon as I walked in my in-laws' door. My mother-in-law bought a new tree (Sam was not happy about this), but it looked really good in their new front window. She had beautiful decorations all over the house and it looked like the perfect country Christmas house. I would be able to prove this to you, if we had taken pictures, but you will just have to imagine it for yourself. 
This was my first "McGhee Christmas." Sam and I have celebrated 5 Christmases together now (can that be true!?!?) The first 2 years we were dating and did Christmas separately with our own families and the past two were celebrated in Tennessee together and Colorado with my family. 
We had to do a "modified" McGhee Christmas this year, as we woke up a little later than they usually do. We opened presents as a family and then got ready to visit the extended family. We had a meal at the grandparents house, with Sam's aunt (who we are so thankful to celebrate Christmas with this year, after her awesome recovery from cancer this summer) and her family. We then went to the other grandmother's house with lots of extended family (my mother-in-law is the youngest of 7). Not all of the siblings were there, but the house was full with lots of children playing and laughing and the family was together under one roof.
It was a long day, but a lot of fun. My family did a much smaller-scale version of Christmas, especially when we moved to Colorado, and I had never experienced so much family in one day. Despite all our differences, frustrations with each other, or other things we get hung up on, family is important to have especially around the holidays.
This was my first Christmas that I did not spend with my immediate family. Money, time and distance got in the way this year. After 22 years of doing Christmas the same way, it was a little different for me not to be in Colorado with my family. I miss them.


partyoffivetn said...

Love the new background...! Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas...even if there are no pictures..I remember Christmas' without my parents...it is hard..but new traditions are fun too!...most of all I am glad you are home and glad I get to spend tomorrow with you!!!

SmallWorld at Home said...

I remember the first Christmas away from my family and with Randy's family. I was soooooo homesick and I can remember bawling on the phone with my mom. My situation was opposite, though--my family is big and chaotic and Randy's is so small and well-mannered.

Hilah said...

Aww, I bet that was hard. I'm glad you're back and we need to hang out!